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We make GOLD accessible FOR EVERYONE to help become debt free

Already for more than 600,000 people in over 130 countries.
Be there when Karatbars will soon be available to millions of people worldwide!

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  • I've been working with Tracy for roughly a year. It has been one of the best work experiences for me. A natural born leader. She's thoughtful, giving, articulate, honest and as ethical as she is hard working. She leads her team with care and is always willing to go first. Always up-beat and is constantly looking for the good in everyone. If you get a chance to work with her don't pass it up. You'll be on the winning side of a down turning economy. She'll help you figure things out.
    Don L Canada


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Market leader

Here you will discover why Karat bars  is the market leader in innovative Gold products.With an annual turnover of over 100 million Euros and over 700,000 affiliates in more than 122 countries.

Compensation plan

Whilst there are no monthly fees and no obligation for purchases, the company have a really innovative compensation plan.  Referral marketing at its finest. The compensation plan generously rewards those that would like to share Karat Bars with others.

K Merchant

Our world is changing and with it ,the way we make transactions. Currently houses and cars are already being bought and sold with crypto. But what about small items or services?  Karatbars  K merchant  allows any retailer to  be able to offer crypto payment solutions without interfering with  other payments. Plug in and go. It takes minutes to set up. Free for 6 months!  Thereafter 200 euros a year. Now with over 30 million dollars in circulation, research has shown that offing Crypto can increase revenue. The retailer can exchange the crypto into Fiat currency if required. The return for the retailer is between 1-3% for each transaction.

Gold Products

Have a special occasion coming up? Need something unique? Discover a plethora of unique Gold products.  Brows or create your very own unique cards with a gram of gold.

  • Tracy is passionate in helping people .I worked with her for over a year and we helped each other enormously. I would not hesitate in recommending her.
    Gregory M London
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